Holiday Cookies

Nov 17th, 2014 Jayne Pearce Consume & Educate

The upcoming festive season demands something to nibble on in-between turkey, trimmings and the thought of new year resolutions and these holiday cookies are the ideal recipe. It combines festive cranberry with indulgent white chocolate and a subtle almond meal crunch. A glug of Grand Marnier orange-infused brandy gives any perceived innocence some well deserved citrus decadence but can easily be swapped for vanilla. This holiday cookie recipe is easy to create but do bake in bulk as they are so very moreish.


Grand Marnier is a 40% brandy liqueur and was introduced in 1880 by the French distiller Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. It is made up of Cognac brandy, distilled orange flavors and sugar. This sweet concoction can be used alone as a neat drink, mixed in cocktails or added to food such as the crepes suzette. The sweet orange contrasts nicely with the bitter flavor of the cranberry and is a great flavor combination during the holiday season.

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