Mythology, chocolate and childhood adventure in Belize

Dec 20th, 2013 Jayne Pearce Consume & Educate

Once upon a time only a few years ago I lived in Belize for a year. I got so caught up in the fascinating Mayan history, culture and the plight of the jaguar, I had to write a fictional children’s book about it. It is available on Amazon and will take you on an imaginary trip to Belize to solve a cacao covered mystery and save the jaguar from evil celebrity chef extraordinaire Cefity Belcher. I had a lot of fun researching, writing and drawing for this fun book targeted at the 8-11 age group. I have Belize-living Artist Chris Emmanuel to thank for the cover painting and Belize-based Gecko Graphics for the cover layout. Do let me know if you or your kids have read it and hopefully I didn’t put anyone off chocolate forever. Unlikely, I’m sure. For further information on the Jaguar Preserve in the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary, click here. If you’d like to read about the incredible efforts of Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz and his struggle to create the jaguar sanctuary then this non-fiction book entitled ‘Jaguar’ makes for an enlightening read.


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