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Kumquat Quack!

Those adorable-yet-thirsty kumquats sneaked out of my appetizer recipe and into my Grand Marnier-soaked duck entrée. I decided to roast the duck breasts instead of shallow fry to allow the developing fat flavors to penetrate the meat, thyme and kumquats. With a tangy saucy glaze, partially sliced fingerling potatoes, orange and greens, this recipe ticks the traditional but with a tangy twist box. Serve with a youthful bottle of Burgundy Pinot Noir or Beaujolais Gamay. I say youthful and light as you wouldn’t want it to dominate your duck, or would you?



Wild Boar & Kumquat Crunch

I’ve never really known what to do with those little ovular shaped citrus fruits cutely called kumquats that originate from Asia. I knew they had a bitter-sweet taste to them and most often acted as an accessory in cocktail drinks. Because of the color and shape when sliced, I thought they would make a great cherry-on-top equivalent for my wild boar salami and mozzarella crostini. I realized a little experimentation in the kitchen can often reap surprising results. With a bit of help from some lemon-laced olive oil, kumquats now have a new role to play in appetizer garnishes. The fatty proteins from the wild boar break down very well with the acidity from the lemon olive oil and kumquat. Add a bottle of NV Mumm Napa or any good quality Prosecco and you have yourself a quick, easy and incredibly tasty platter of yum.



Typical Red Bordeaux Wine Tasting Video

View Jayne Pearce’s Show: Sniff: Sip wine tasting videos. This post is about a typical red Bordeaux wine tasting.



Quick Swordfish and Pesto Skewers

This colorful and tasty kebab is super quick to prepare and grill. Add some rice or jacket potato with melted butter to the pesto flavor and pronto - you have a great serving dish. I adapted it from this month’s Food & Wine’s Swordfish skewers with Salsa Verde as I thought the pesto, yellow pepper and the firmness of the pine nuts would go better with the meatier texture of the fish. Do comment if you agree/disagree; have an opinion or just want to say hi.



Typical Burgundy Pinot Noir Wine Tasting Video

View Jayne Pearce’s Show: Sniff: Sip wine tasting videos. This post is about a typical Burgundy Pinot Noir wine tasting.


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