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Typical Italian Barolo Wine Tasting Video

View Jayne Pearce’s Show: Sniff: Sip wine tasting videos. This post is about a typical Italian Barolo.



Lemon Refreshment

I still can’t get over having homegrown and very accessible lemons in my Californian garden. It may have something to do with originating from a cool north European country where blackberries made much more of an appearance. I’m always trying to add my mighty meyer lemon to whatever dish or drink I can find but I always come back to my ever faithful and simple Lemonade recipe. My kids love being entrepreneurial and selling it on the street to thirsty passers-by for 50 cents a pop. For the cost of half a bag of sugar, that’s a great markup and not a drop ever gets wasted. This is on the slightly less sweet side so feel free to add more sugar, preferably at the syrup creation stage.



Seven Spiced Lamb with Minty Asparagus

This recipe started with a gift. I was given a bottle of Lebanese Chateau Musar 2005 (tasting note to follow) and it seemed only right to prop it up with something seasoned, seasonal and close to as local as I could get for Lebanese food. Some deliciously seasonal New Zealand lamb chops were lavishly coated with a Lebanese seven spice seasoning. A lemony cilantro mint puree sealed asparagus and a tabbouleh side finished off this full-flavored dish.



Typical Australian Shiraz Wine Tasting Video

View Jayne Pearce’s Show: Sniff: Sip wine tasting videos. This post is about a typical Australian Shiraz wine tasting.



Chateau Musar was a must!

Chateau Musar is testament to a living legacy of wine-growing that has lasted 6,000 years in modern day Lebanon. At 3,000 ft above sea level in the Lebanese Beqaa Valley, Chateau Musar is located about 15 miles North of Beirut and, itself, has been in operation since 1930. Amazingly, the winery only missed one vintage (1976) during the 15 year civil war that ravaged the country between 1975 and 1990.


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