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Cali meets Civil Rights in Mississippi

This months choice of book and wine was the thought provoking novel about the 1960’s black civil rights movement in the deep south entitled ‘The Help’. The author Kathryn Stockett produced a real page turner that didn’t disappoint, partly thanks to the three different points of view. Two black maids working for white families and a young, educated white woman get together and secretly write up their work experiences. Given the location of the novel it seemed like a good opportunity to choose some US - Californian wines, and with the wonderful ambiance created by our hostess and her balcony, we were all set.



Down-Under meets 'The girl who played with fire'

At this month’s Sprite night, we decided to put Stieg Larsson’s first in the trilogy behind us and get our fingers burnt (sorry, couldn’t resist) with the second - ‘The girl who played with fire.’ Being a book club with an ‘officially’ recognised difference - wine consumption combo - it is only fitting to have a tipple or two to get those critical juices flowing. This months choice were from way, way down under and fabulous. The only flaw in my tasting plan was the lack of anything bubbly from Australian/New Zealand being sold anywhere in Belize. Do I sense a market opportunity here? What with the great choice of wines, a thought-provoking book and Lorna’s wonderful hospitality (not forgetting her ‘disco fish’ at the end of the dock), it made for a great evening.




At this month’s book and wine club (aka ‘Sprite Night’) we discussed the casual intensity of Elizabeth Gilbert’s enormously successful “Eat, Pray, Love.” This work of non-fiction is about newly divorced Elizabeth and her cathartic, self-conscious travels through Italy, India and Indonesia.



A Spanish Selection for 'Jaguar'

In the second of our book / wine combo eves we decided to add a bit of Spanish spice to a home-grown Belizean non-fictional piece of work.



Italian wine meets Swedish crime thriller in Belize

I recently offered to help wash down some intellectual banter about ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson at my local book club. The wines in question were an Italian line-up from my local wine supplier Wine de Vine here in San Pedro, Belize.


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