As well as a fascination for the education and tech industry, I am also fanatical about everything food & wine. It should be of no surprise for my food & wine passion to become the focus of my creative attention in this Jambip blog. With access to a huge range of fine food and incredible wines as well as my insatiable desire to explore new places and embrace new technology, this offers a wonderful opportunity to experiment wholeheartedly. I like to think this experimentation keeps my understanding of the tech, education and food & wine industries fresh and well informed and to better understand my customer.

This food and wine blog is all about playing with consumption - either descriptively or creatively - and consuming with a global passion. The "Connect & Create" posts are an excuse for me to apply graphic design opportunities to, for example, wine region maps. I also utilize the power of video through content marketing to educate and inform on wine. My "Consume & Educate" posts bring together my love of vine and dine and an opportunity to write fluidly about wineries, wines, food experimentation and restaurant experiences. Ultimately they have been created and shared for enjoyment. Feel free to comment if there is something you'd like to share, otherwise maybe they will inspire you to try one of my recipes.


Fire Recovery Efforts in CA Wine Country: Come, Buy and Spread the Word

At the annual Wine Bloggers Conference, this year held in Santa Rosa from November 9-12, the main topic of major concern were the recent North Bay wildfires most notably in Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma County. The city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County experienced the Tubb’s fire at its northern edge as it swept through the residential areas of Coffey Park and Fountaingrove, causing devastation and loss of life. In Napa County and Sonoma County, the Nun’s fire ravaged the countryside and further casualties, as well as the separate Atlas fire in Napa and the Redwood Valley in Mendocino. It has been only six weeks since the first fire started late on Sunday, October 8, and continued for three weeks as firefighters focused initially on evacuation before being fully contained. Wine Country residents are gradually coming to terms with the catastrophe that consumed them but are determined to move forward and save their national treasure.



Getting fresh with Rías Baixas at Wine Bloggers Conference

With Spanish wine, my mind generally leaps to full bodied reds that reflect the heat and terroir of this complex region. At the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa, one of the wine discovery sessions showcased a relatively new DO that tested my tastebuds and assumptions. Far to the west within this great country, Rías Baixas in Galicia sits north of Portugal, soaking up the cool moistness of the Atlantic on its rugged, granite base. The name Rías Baixas is Galician for “Lower Rias” and refers to the five main rivers, whose water carve out the mineral-rich alluvial topsoil before mixing fresh with saline.



The Jambip Top 10 Most Obvious Lemon Recipes

When life gives you lemons, don’t just serve lemonade. It makes a great way to spend a Sunday with your kids and then sell them on the street to boost that allowance but there are also other, equally obvious ways to use that ubiquitous fruit in your garden. For the record, I’m a Brit—now Californian resident—and that means a certain amount of gratitude for this somewhat exotic fruit that reigns supreme at this time of year. More specifically, I live in The Bay Area and a 9B USDA plant hardiness zone means citrus can bathe in full sun and comfortable temperatures. Not everyone is blessed with this climatic combo but store-bought citrus tastes just as good even though it comes at an additional price.



Holiday Cookies

The upcoming festive season demands something to nibble on in-between turkey, trimmings and the thought of new year resolutions and these holiday cookies are the ideal recipe. It combines festive cranberry with indulgent white chocolate and a subtle almond meal crunch. A glug of Grand Marnier orange-infused brandy gives any perceived innocence some well deserved citrus decadence but can easily be swapped for vanilla. This holiday cookie recipe is easy to create but do bake in bulk as they are so very moreish.



Pointing the fracking finger: Finger Lakes Wines

For an apprentice expat living in the US, placing the Finger Lakes Wine Country on a map required a bit of care. I knew wine had been grown within New York State for a long time - since 1829 in fact - but proximity, knowledge and the need for a tasting or two required further research. With the help of a Book and Wine combo club I initiated  a long time ago called ‘Wines & Spines,’ I found the perfect excuse for my choice of wine. The book ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt is mostly set in New York City and gave me a great opportunity to open a Fingers Lake Wine or two for the curious Wines & Spines members. My research also took me towards an exploitation of another kind. Fracking could have a major impact on the Finger Lakes wine industry, should it ever get the go-ahead.


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