US Wine Infographic

May 2nd, 2014 Jayne Pearce

Welcome to my US Wine Infographic for your statistical consumption. Wine has come a long - and somewhat bumpy - way since it was uprooted and migrated with the pioneers and the mission movement from various parts of the globe. Despite the various legal and fashionable shifts in wine consumption, the number of wineries has increased from 1,000 in post-prohibition 1940 to almost 9,000 in 2012. I have been dabbling with graphic design once again and my US Wine Production Infographic clearly highlights the US as a global wine producer. California and the ubiquitous Chardonnay is still the clear favorite for production. People obviously can’t get enough of that green apple and vanilla. Click here to view or download the pdf or view the png version below.

Although Italy, France and then Spain dominate the wine world figures for production, the USA ranked 4th with 20.5Mhl in 2012 in this US wine infographic. A majority 88.5% of this US production is within California and another 3.5% and 3.3% from New York and Washington State. The early 1990’s saw a sudden increase in the number of wineries throughout the USA. Many of these are located outside of California, producing small amounts of wine. Fewer but larger production started to take off in California where a long-established wine business no doubt helped ease this growth. There are currently 110 different grape varieties grown in California but the three most crushed grapes are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

US Wine Infographic

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