Wild Boar & Kumquat Crunch

Mar 5th, 2014 Jayne Pearce Consume & Educate

I’ve never really known what to do with those little ovular shaped citrus fruits cutely called kumquats that originate from Asia. I knew they had a bitter-sweet taste to them and most often acted as an accessory in cocktail drinks. Because of the color and shape when sliced, I thought they would make a great cherry-on-top equivalent for my wild boar salami and mozzarella crostini. I realized a little experimentation in the kitchen can often reap surprising results. With a bit of help from some lemon-laced olive oil, kumquats now have a new role to play in appetizer garnishes. The fatty proteins from the wild boar break down very well with the acidity from the lemon olive oil and kumquat. Add a bottle of NV Mumm Napa or any good quality Prosecco and you have yourself a quick, easy and incredibly tasty platter of yum.


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