Austin Powers & Gold Country Zinfandel? Yeah, baby!

Feb 5th, 2014 Jayne Pearce Consume & Educate

Wow, I  love this incredibly juicy 2011 Gold Country Zinfandel from one of Calaveras - Gold - Country’s best wineries. I  do find myself driving past and inevitably stopping over at Newsome Harlow’s Murphy’s tasting room en route to ski and summer sun in the Sierra Nevadas. All very handy really.


I should say now that I’m not a big Zin drinker but this one is so layered I couldn’t help but succumb to its seductive complexity. Oo-la-la. Maybe I should confess at this point to washing down this cutie with an Austin Powers movie (oh behave!) so perhaps any subtlety was at risk of being over_power_ed (au contraire, baby) by the spice.  The aromatic nose gushed stewed raspberries and a milky chocolate, giving way to subtle spice and a blueberry mouth. The Calaveras County is generally an up-and-coming AVA and the broad range in quality sometimes reflects this but this vino had everything going for it. To sum up this wine in the words of Austin and with fine British sentiment:  You’re smashing!

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