Jayne Pearce

Several years ago I worked as a Marketing Manager for a winery in India and had a wonderful opportunity to soak up the food and wine as well as experience the huge number of beautiful festivals celebrated each year. Whether it was Holi or Ganesh, it always seemed like a great excuse to fling powdered paint at anything - preferably a moving object such as a fleeing person or a car. I was never quite fast enough to dodge the clouds of paint dust. I always marveled at everyone's innate ability to create the most artistic impressions, flavors and memories out of sometimes the most simplest of materials, ingredients and the natural desire to be happy.

What does this word Jambip actually mean? My ambigram-styled Jayne Pearce JP initial logo - see below - means that when rotated 180° the image remains the same. JambiP is an amalgamation of ambi- and my initials either side of it.